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Aug 26, 2019, 07:30 AM
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Sep 30, 2019, 01:25 PM
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About JLL India

JLL is India’s premier and largest professional services firm specializing in real estate. JLL India has an extensive presence across 10 major cities (Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Kochi, and Coimbatore). This company covers over 130 tier 2 and 3 markets with a cumulative strength of close to 11,000 professionals.

The firm provides investors, developers, local corporates, and multinational companies with a comprehensive range of services. These services include leasing, capital markets, research and advisory, transaction management, project development, facility management, and asset management. These services cover various asset classes such as commercial, residential, industrial, retail, warehouse and logistics, hospitality, healthcare, senior living, and education.

About the hackathon

This hackathon is organized in two phases, the first phase is an Idea Submission phase and the second phase is the Final Offline Hackathon phase. For the offline phase, the selected teams will be either invited to Bangalore or Gurgaon to display their prototypes.

To know more about JLL, you can go through JLL videos or visit their website:
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Property and facilities management

A place of work is no longer just a property. In the day and age, forward-looking leaders have realized that buildings are no longer physical assets but a strategic lever for organizations to transform the way people work.

You are required to come up with innovative solutions that address but are not limited to:

  • Facial recognition instead of Biometric check-in
  • Connected workspaces across different places with IoT etc.
  • Smart procurement
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Robotics to enhance the workplace experience

Better employee experience

Employees are an organization’s biggest assets. During the duration in which employees are working in an organization, organizations are striving to provide delightful experience to improve talent retention and attraction.

You are required to come up with innovative solutions for improving employee experience at workplaces addressing but not limited to:

  • Energy savings, smart lighting, and water-saving systems
  • Sustainability
  • Commute management
  • Cafeteria solutions
  • Space occupancy and planning
  • Employee safety
  • Smart sensors etc

Real estate transactions

The transactions of the real estate industry in the country have evolved rapidly over the last few years. However, there is tremendous scope to make this process efficient and transparent.

You are required to come up with innovative solutions to make real estate transactions efficient addressing but not limited to:

  • Increase automation to achieve greater efficiency in leasing and sales by using blockchain technologies
  • Reduce transaction time through improved analytics and information management
  • Use of augmented reality and virtual reality and geospatial mapping to build a 360-degree view of the property

Project and construction management

Technology has transformed the way buildings are being constructed today. With a greater focus on speed, efficiency, and site safety, there is a lot of scope to transform the traditional methods of design, project, and construction management.

You are required to come up with innovative solutions to address but not limited to:

  • Building designs
  • Creating visualization of prototypes (Drones, augmented reality and virtual reality, etc.)
  • Reporting & dashboards
  • Improving safety during construction

Open innovation

Any technologies, solutions, tools or hardware that can have a use case in the real estate industry. These attributes could range from (but not limited to):

  • Improving employee productivity and efficiency
  • Workplace management Space planning and management
  • Data collection, data science, and analysis to improve decision making for occupiers, investors and managers by applying artificial intelligence and Machine learning techniques on data that is both internal and external to commercial real estate smart buildings, employee health, safety, etc.


Main Prizes
First Prize
INR 3,00,000
Second Prize
INR 2,00,000
Third Prize
INR 1,00,000

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